A Day in China – February 2020

With all the coverage of the position in China our team in Shanghai have shared an insite into day to day life.

We would like to share with you how we are coping day to day and showing how the government is attempting to minimize the spread and trying to eliminate the virus as quickly as possible. People all around the world have rendered great support and we would like to deliver a big thank you to you all.

All the photos are taken by our Chinese team.



As we are not able to go into hibernation, the most essential task is buying food. The local market only opens in the morning, it is important to get there very early to buy vegetables and it takes at least 10 minutes to prepare yourself, including face masks, clothes which can cover the whole body, glasses, gloves etc.  Online supplies are dwindling and the earlier and faster you are, the greater chance for you to fix an order.



People are united and voluntarily being isolated at home for the purpose of virus elimination. Each neighbourhood is segregated with barricades on the intersections. The entrances and exits are strictly controlled with only one gate left open on the main roads. For some neighbourhoods, each family can only nominate one person to get out every two days with a passing allowance card. There is a registration table at the entrance of each neighbourhood, the guard will test everyone’s temperature before allowing them to go inside and for those who come back from other provinces, they will have to make a declaration and be registered in the public record.




This pictures was taken in the busiest downtown area in Shanghai which has a population of more than 30 million people? Public transportation is running with restricted capacity and local authorities discourage people to leave home and get out unless for a matter of urgency. Very few people commute by bus or MTR or even walk on the road.

These are moments of a day taken by our Chinese team.

We are being vigilant but there is no sense of panic and we are confident that the government will be eventually successful in preventing and controlling the virus.

With thanks to all the support and messages we have received from Friends around the world

Ashley, Baiqui, Danni, Wei and Mengzhen