New Contact Details for Carina Staff Members

With effect from 7 January Carina will form a core part of the MECO Group in the London office.

We will have access to Tindall Riley e-mails for the next few months but replies will come from MECO; please contact us from Monday 7 January using our new e-mail addresses.


Our new contact details are as follows:


Justin Skinner   +44 7973 883653

Julie Page   +44 7983 569451

Mark Esdale   +44 7983 569483

Andrew Birch   +44 7951 239153

George Dickson   +44 7741 729991

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Oliffe

Karishma Malam



Joe Salem   +44 7415 650860

Jonathan Clapham   +44 7940 430247


Our address and switchboard numbers can be found by following the link to Offices on the menu bar above.




It's not easy to travel at the moment but it's business as usual at MECO


We can host anything from one-on-one meetings to webinars across continents. If you would like a videocon with a colleague, a catch up with a particular team or specific training, contact us and we will see what we can arrange.