New Contact Details for Carina Staff Members

With effect from 7 January Carina will form a core part of the MECO Group in the London office.

We will have access to Tindall Riley e-mails for the next few months but replies will come from MECO; please contact us from Monday 7 January using our new e-mail addresses.


Our new contact details are as follows:


Justin Skinner   +44 7973 883653

Julie Page   +44 7983 569451

Mark Esdale   +44 7983 569483

Andrew Birch   +44 7951 239153

George Dickson   +44 7741 729991

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Oliffe

Karishma Malam



Joe Salem   +44 7415 650860

Jonathan Clapham   +44 7940 430247


Our address and switchboard numbers can be found by following the link to Offices on the menu bar above.