At Carina we have a dedicated team of Underwriting professionals who will assist you with the insurance of your ships and the provision of the documentation you need in order to trade.

We have a team of experienced and qualified claims handlers to assist you with the claims that inevitably occur through the operation of small ships.


Carina staff have a long pedigree in understanding the risks associated with the small ship market. Our team form part of the MECO Group and have access to a wide degree of expertise and knowledge that MECO have formed over 40 years in the Marine Insurance market.



Carina underwrites smaller ships, worldwide. This is a specialised market requiring specialist knowledge – and Carina’s underwriters have considerable experience in this field.
For shipowners, Carina offers fixed cost P&I insurance up to US$ 500 million (though a lower limit of US$50 million is also available). Owners’ excess P&I war risks cover is provided at no extra cost. All Carina policies are backed by Lloyd’s A+ security.



An exceptional claims handling service is the area of support most valued by shipowners. When claims arise, they need quick and authoritative advice and assistance. Delays cost money and avoiding or minimising them is therefore of critical importance. Carina’s claims handling team has considerable experience in smaller ship claims. Understanding the specific legal liability and limitation regimes that operate in domestic and inland waterways is vital.



Loss prevention is a key area for insurers and insureds alike. Where appropriate, the Insurer will undertake surveys to assess the condition of a ship or investigate the root cause of claims – especially when a recurring problem has been identified. Carina has experienced Underwriting and Claims staff who can assist clients with their loss prevention needs.



Carina will issue Trading Certificates where necessary and appropriate, see the website section for what we will provide and what information is required.