Claims Handling


An exceptional claims handling service is the area of support most valued by shipowners.

When claims arise, they need quick and authoritative advice and assistance. Delays cost money and avoiding or minimising them is therefore of critical importance. Carina’s claims handling team has considerable experience in dealing with claims involving small ships. Understanding the specific legal liability and limitation regimes that operate in domestic and inland waterways is vital.


Helping Carina’s insureds to avoid problems is also a key area of work. The team regularly provides legal advice on contracts to ensure that cover is not prejudiced. Where appropriate, Carina can offer additional insurance to cover any gaps that might arise. Carina can also offer full Legal Assistance insurance, to cover the cost of legal disputes arising out of an insured’s operations.


Although all claims are handled in London, Carina has access to a worldwide network of correspondents. These are available 24/7 to assist the insured by providing expert local advice, appointing surveyors and lawyers as appropriate. In the event of an incident, the Master of an insured ship can always make direct contact with the port correspondent for immediate assistance.