Carina underwrites small ships, worldwide.

This is a specialised market requiring specialist knowledge and Carina’s underwriters have considerable experience in this field.


For shipowners, Carina offers fixed cost P&I insurance up to US$ 500 million (though a lower limit of US$50 million is also available). Owners’ excess P&I war risks cover is provided at no extra cost. All Carina policies are backed by Lloyd’s A+ security.

Carina’s policies provide cover up to

USD 500 million

and are backed by Lloyd’s A+ security.


Due to the nature of their operations, some owners require a number of additional covers. These covers are designed to respond to the needs of shipowners and charterers operating in a wide range of activities from barge operations on rivers, harbour activities and towage, to the carriage of cargo and passengers.


Working with brokers and with clients directly we can respond to the clients’ needs, Carina’s underwriters can provide a tailor-made P&I cover to satisfy the specific requirements of the insured.

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, whilst providing them with a first-class underwriting service.


If you would like a quotation, please use a Quotation Request Form. By providing this information together with your request, you will speed up the process of providing the quotation or contact one of our Underwriters directly to discuss your needs.