Changes in the MECO Claims Department

Richard Bokszczanin our Claims Director retired on 28 March 2019.

Over the last few years under Richards guidance MECO have invested heavily in our claims team and by scale of operation we have one of the most well-resourced claims teams operating in the market today.

Our claims team operates across our three hubs and with effect from April 2019 will be led by Edward Turner as Global Claims Director working in our London office.

Ed has over 20 years’ experience working within the P&I Market as a claim’s handler and a lawyer in practice giving guidance to Clients and Clubs.

Senior Management

London Dubai Shanghai
Sian Morris Franklyn George Ashley Xu
Joe Salem Anne-Marie Castle


Claims Handlers

London Dubai Shanghai
Stephen Mann Luisa Rivera Baiqui Guan
Marta de Leon Chris Ward Danny Gao
Tomas Ling Mengzhen Yu
Chris Ward Wei Wang
Jonny Clapham


Anne-Marie handles our largest casualties and is based in our Dubai office and is a highly experienced commercial claims handler. All our other staff are legally qualified and handle a mix of defence and liability work.

Fans of Harry Potter will know that the wand chooses the wizard and we work hard to try and ensure that the claims handlers that we allocate to a client are a good fit from the start, matching the style, business sector and expectation of the client.

Ed can be reached on