The Charterers P&I Club was set up in 1986 in response to a strong demand from the worldwide chartering community for a P&I Club exclusively for Charterers.

Over the years, the Club has developed a comprehensive product for Charterers, both in terms of the scope of cover and the depth of support and advice available to clients from a highly specialised and experienced team.

No two Charterers are ever identical, and the Club's focus on this niche sector allows it to tailor insurance and service solutions that properly respond to the unique requirements of each client.


The Charterers P&I Club is unique in being totally dedicated to protecting Charterers’ interests. The Club produces regular circulars, e-bulletins and newsletters commenting on topical matters and advising Charterers on how to manage their risk and exposure more effectively. Many Charterers select the Charterers P&I Club as their first choice, both because of its specialisation in this complex area and the fact that the underlying financial security of the Club’s policies is rated AA- by Standard and Poors.


There are many choices of insurer for charterer’s liability in the modern market, from large corporates to owner’s P&I Clubs and small agencies with limited skills and resources. When choosing an insurance policy ensure that both the policy and the team supporting it have the experience, dedication and global reach that you need when arranging risk transfer.


The Charterers Club – “Exclusively for Charterers”.




FD&D Insurance (Freight, Demurrage and Defence) covers a Charterer against any legal costs or expenses resulting from pursuing or defending claims arising from contractual disputes. The most common cases relate to disputes under the terms of the charterparty, but disputes arising under bills of lading or other forms of contracts of carriage approved by the Club are also covered.



The Liability Class breaks down into three main areas: 1)Liability for loss of/damage to the Chartered vessel (Damage to Hull, DTH) 2) Liability for loss of/damage to the Cargo being carried (Cargo) 3)Other general liability risks associated with the operation of the ship and carriage of cargo (P&I).


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Charterers or others requesting further information are invited to contact Lachlan Morison at or Andrew Meech at or call on +44 20 7702 3928

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