Defence (FD&D) Insurance


FD&D Insurance (Freight, Demurrage and Defence) covers a Charterer against any legal costs or expenses resulting from pursuing or defending claims arising from contractual disputes.

The most common cases relate to disputes under the terms of the charterparty, but disputes arising under bills of lading or other forms of contracts of carriage approved by the Club are also covered. The Club has an experienced in-house team that help to manage and advise clients on how to handle each case.

Cover is discretionary and is based on an assessment of the merits of the case. Where possible we will always look to settle on commercial terms but if a case needs to go to mediation, arbitration or litigation then this process is managed by the Club’s team. Shipping disputes are costly and time consuming and the services of the Club in helping to manage these problems is invaluable to many of our clients.

We can provide a limit of liability up to USD 5 million for FD&D cover and the deductible and policy terms are structured to suit the Charterers individual needs.