Liability (P&I) Insurance


Cover under the Liability Class breaks down into three main areas:

•   Liability for loss of/damage to the Chartered vessel (Damage to Hull, DTH)

•   Liability for loss of/damage to the Cargo being carried (Cargo)

•   Other general liability risks associated with the operation of the ship and carriage of cargo (P&I)

A DTH (Damage to Hull) claim might arise as a result of the Charterer sending the vessel to an unsafe port or berth, or as a result of damage caused by stevedores during cargo handling operations. DTH claims can also result from damage caused by the cargo itself, for example a stowage breakdown or a cargo fire.

Where a Charterer is responsible for a DTH claim then he will normally also be liable for the time lost repairing any damage. There is also a risk of the Charterer being liable for engine damage as a result of supplying off-spec bunkers.

Cargo claims typically arise under a bill of lading or similar contract of carriage, or by way of indemnity to a vessel owner under the terms of a charterparty.

P&I covers the Charterer against any claims that might arise from risks such as death and personal injury, fines or penalties, pollution, wreck removal or stowaways to cover just a few of the ways that a Charterer can find themselves legally liable under a charterparty or bill of lading.


We can provide a Charterer with up to USD 500 million of cover per vessel.