Global P&I Circular For P&I Clubs – 280717

Download Global P&I Circular For P&I Clubs - 280717

DATE: 28th July 2017

Correspondents for:

Britannia, British Marine, Carina, Charterers P&I Club, China P&I Club, GARD,
ITIC, Korea P&I Club, Navigators, Nordisk Defence Club (Through Sabatino
Pizzolante), Lodestar Marine, North of England P&I Club, Raets Club, Shipowners
P&I Club, Skuld, The Standard P&I Club, Steamship Mutual, The American Club,

The London P&I Club, West of England and Through Transport Club (TTC)
Venezuela’s updated political developments

By way of update on our most recent Circular for P&I Clubs dated 24th
April 2017 related to Venezuela’s current political developments, here are
the most relevant issues to understand the current situation and so our
advice to Clubs and their Members.
The protests which started in early of April have continued and grew to
become increasingly more violent, with hundreds of thousands of

Venezuelans protesting daily through these months to this date. The death

toll from nearly four months of anti-government protests climbed to at
least 113 on Friday according to figures by the Chief Prosecutor, as
Venezuela’s opposition called on backers to defy a protest ban ahead of a
vote to launch a rewrite of the Constitution. President Maduro has ordered
the creation of a new body, known as a constituent assembly, which would
rule above all other government branches for a period of time in which it

would also rewrite the Constitution. The opposition describes the vote as a

power grab that would lay the groundwork for a dictatorship.

This week Venezuela’s opposition has called on citizens to join a civic

strike for 48 hours, few days before the intended vote for the Constituent

Assembly, while at the same time the United States announced sanctions

on a new list of 13 senior Venezuelan officials threatening with stronger

and swift economic actions if President Nicolas Maduro proceeds with

plans. In addition the State Department on Thursday ordered family

members of American government employees working at the United States

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