Indian Ocean HRA Changes effective 1 MAY 2019

Effective 1 May 2019 the High Risk Area (HRA) as defined by the Round Table of international shipping organisations (which includes BIMCO, International Chamber of Shipping and others) have reduced the HRA to reflect the changing position regarding piracy in the region.

The map below shows an approximate view of the new co-ordinates.


The new Co-Ordinates are:


In the Southern Red Sea

South of Latitude 15 o 00’N

In the Indian Ocean

An area encompassed by the following co-ordinates

  1. From Latitude 05o 00’S on the African Coast; to
  2. Lat: 00o00’N and Long: 055 o 00’E; to
  3. Lat: 10o00’N and Long: 060 o 00’E; to
  4. Lat: 14o00’N and Long: 060o 00’E; to
  5. Then a bearing 310oto the territorial waters of the Arabian Peninsula.


The Listed Areas Summary which defines War Risk under most war risk policies remains unchanged as at 14 June 2018 therefore there is a smaller area on the HRA than the JWC at this time.

Should you have any queries regarding this information please contact the Underwriting team in London.

Download Indian Ocean HRA Changes effective 1 MAY 2019

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