Iran Port Regulation on Vessels arriving from Iraqi Ports

Assureds are warned that all vessels arriving in Iran from Iraqi ports are required to deballast 50 miles outside Iran due to the cholera outbreak in Iraq. On arrival, vessels are granted free pratique subject to lab tests on ballast waters. If the tests are positive, the vessel will not be allowed to berth/load without deballast or internal ballast.

The Club’s claims department has been handling cases concerning delays and expenses associated with the above. Assureds are therefore asked to contact the Club for preventive advice in this matter.

Below is the Notice issued by the Port Authority in Shahid Rajaiee port:

Port and Maritime Organization – Hormozgan Province
Shahid Rajaiee Port

Subject : Ships arriving from Iraqi Ports

This is to inform you that due to cholera outbreak in Iraq, all vessels calling Iranian ports from Iraqi ports should be exchanging ballast water on the way from Iraqi ports to BAB in a distance min 50 miles away from Iranian shore line waters.

Furthermore, all vessels will be granted free pratique formalities at anchorage upon arriving customary anchorage and after taking samples and declaring sample and lab results subject to observing no risk factors, they will be lined up for berthing. Needless to say, till getting lab result, they should stay at anchorage.

Those vessels whose samples / lab result indicating positive for cholera disease would not be permitted to enter either or province ports.

View on importance of the matter, it’s highly required to relay the content to all ships owner/charterers/agents and other concerned parties to avoid further issues.

Signed by
Mehdi Nofresti
Deputy of Marine