Seminar in Shanghai

“Ed Turner (Senior Claims Manager) travelled from London over to the Shanghai office on 22 November and will be travelling back to London via Hong Kong and the MECO Group’s Dubai office.

On his last visit the Shanghai Team had requested a talk on legal issues arising out of tanker charters. The talk was given over a lunchtime session on 28 November. The Shanghai team have been handling more liquid cargo disputes particularly on Shelltime 4 and Asbatankvoy forms and the talk concentrated on legal issues/authorities arising out of various clauses in those charter forms. One aspect discussed, in the light of the October 2017 High Court ruling in the Pacific Voyager, was the obligation on Owners to proceed with utmost despatch even if the ER box in Part I of Asbatankvoy is not completed (or a clear ETA date set). Charterers may now make out a separate breach of charter in relation to the approach voyage which may give rise to potentially sizeable damages against Owners – The Pacific Voyager Ruling

The talk also focused on legal issues arising from OMAs/vetting inspections/SIRE system and ROB claims.

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