Social Media Expansion

We have been speaking to clients and friends throughout the community about information dissemination; we are getting very positive feedback on the output that people see from us however its becoming clear that the use of e-mail is only one tool for distribution.

Twenty years ago, we were printing and posting our newsletters to 1,500 recipients, the same distribution is now to 14,000 recipients via e-mail. Our own spam filters are becoming increasingly good at trapping content from mailing lists and apart from an occasional rouge “Viagra offer” slipping through the filter, we are blocking much of the unwanted content.

Thankfully only a handful of people have ever described our distribution as unwanted, our favourite and the one we were most proud of was the description “Charterers Propaganda”, however as the filters get cleverer we will distribute less through e-mail and more through our Website, our LinkedIn page and our Twitter Account.

All of our content now appear on these mediums whereas we only distribute around half of the updates by e-mail. We would encourage you to follow us on social media or check the publications section of our website so that you can stay up to date.

Twitter                                 @TheMECOGroup

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