Surveyor Permits in Yuzhny

We have been advised that permits for surveyors representing interests of Shipowners, Charterers and P&I Clubs to enter the port of Yuzhny, Ukraine have been withdrawn. We understand that the background to this may be that recently there have been two rather serious conflicts concerning the condition of a cargo of iron ore concentrates.

In both cases the vessels loaded cargoes of iron ore concentrate, and P&I surveyors detected that the moisture content of the cargo loaded on board, exceeded the declared Transportable Moisture Limit (TML), and this was a breach of the requirements of the IMSBC Code (Cargoes Subject to Liquefaction).

Cargoes of iron ore concentrate are being loaded frequently at the port but surveyors are not allowed to operate at all within the port limits. This means that any vessel entering the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny will be unable to get a P&I surveyor’s attendance to inspect the vessel and cargo as required by the IMSBC Code.

We recommend that Shipowners, Charterers and Shippers insist and demand a P&I surveyor attend on their behalf in accordance with the IMSBC code and a Letter of Protest to the Port Authorities should be issued and handed over to ship’s agent. For further information on this issue please contact the claims team in London or Shanghai.

With thanks to Dias Marine in the Ukraine for this information.