The Charterer's P&I team produce videos on a regular basis.

They review and discuss various topics and court rulings that have a bearing on P&I cover in general.

Demurrage claims at Kavkaz OPL

Without interrupting and not counting the time – Steve Mann talks demurrage referencing specifically London Arbitration 12/19.


The grounding of the CMA CGM Libra container vessel and the Admiralty court’s ruling based around the unseaworthiness defence to the General Average claim.

Classic Maritime v Limbungan

Marta habla sobre “Classic Maritime v Limbungan“ sobre la ruptura de la presa Fundao en Brasil y como los Juzgados ingleses aplican clausulas de Fuerza Mayor.

The Pacific Voyager

An important judgement is handed down by the Court of Appeal in the case of the Pacific Voyager, and why this case is of particular interest to Charterers.

Four Island Tanker

Chris Ward discusses the latest ruling by the English High Court regarding the Four Island tanker arbitration. He believes that common sense has finally prevailed.

Issues with LOIs

Carlos Vasquez talks about LOIs, whether they are enforceable in the courts, and how an assured can best protect themselves as they are not covered by your insurance.

Interclub Agreement

Chris Ward talks about a recent arbitration which the Charters’ Club successfully defended, whereby the parties contended whether the ICA had been incorporated into a charter.

Interpreting Shipping Contracts

Stephen Mann explains the 4 step process that is needed when wording a shipping contract, including assembling the material, identifying conflicting clauses, and what is actually meant from the contract wording.

Environmental Disasters & FM

Ed looks at the case of Classic Maritime v Limbungan Makmur, where the Charterer was unable to fulfill its shipment obligations when the Fundao dam in Brazil burst in 2015.

LOI and Charter Party Wordings

Ed Turner reviews an important judgment by the court of appeal regarding the interplay of wording between a Letter of Indemnity and a charter party clause.