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Shipping and transportation is a complex business. The contractual framework is a trap for the unwary or the unprepared. The team of legal experts at True North assist clients with contract preparation and the management of problems or disputes.


The MECO Group has a wealth of experience, spanning over 30 years, helping to prevent and manage contractual disputes in Maritime Trade. At the core of this is our in-house team of 14 legally qualified shipping experts across our three hubs in London, Dubai and Shanghai.

Informed, Intelligent, Practical

True North is a consultancy service not a maritime law firm. Our focus is on helping clients to prevent problems arising in the first instance and we are experts in handling problems or disputes that require resolution without expensive litigation.

Helping you to save money

For situations requiring a commercial approach, True North is a cost-effective option. We can give advice on the drafting of contracts and when there is a potential dispute we adopt a practical approach to managing the problem for you and helping to develop solutions. Our aim is always to avoid litigation through practical dispute resolution.


If you would like to discuss how True North may assist you please contact us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.