MECO London Monday 16 March

On Monday 16 March, the MECO London office will be closed and all staff will be working from home.

This is to test the resilience of our systems and to ensure that our remote working practices work without interruption, given current Covid 19 issues.

We fully expect that we will be working seamlessly from our various home locations. Our telephones, direct lines and mobiles will all work as normal as will emails.

The claims team in Shanghai have been working from home for nearly two months now but will be back in the office soon, the Dubai team will be in the office all day.

If you have any issues contacting UK based staff members please contact Gavin Ritchie (Underwriting) on +44 7768 400 487 or Sian Morris (Claims) on +44 7887 414 196 who will ensure that the relevant staff member assists you.

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March 2020

It's not easy to travel at the moment but it's business as usual at MECO


We can host anything from one-on-one meetings to webinars across continents. If you would like a videocon with a colleague, a catch up with a particular team or specific training, contact us and we will see what we can arrange.