Shipowners Liability - SOL


Protection against the loss of package limitation for cargo claims.

Shipowners Liability Insurance or SOL Insurance is a policy that protects a Carrier or Charterer against a situation where they lose their right to limit liability.


The right to limit liability for cargo claims is enshrined in the International conventions applicable to the carriage of goods by sea such as the Hague, or Hague Visby or Hamburg rules.

The Carrier or Charterer can potentially lose their right to limit liability towards claimants either inadvertently following a casualty or deliberately when they make a commercial decision to vary contractual terms eg loading cargo on deck and issuing an under deck bill of lading.


We can provide cover against these risks to Chartering clients insured with the Charterers P&I Club. With limits of up to USD 5 million and AA- Security.


  • Liability to cargo because it’s loaded on deck against an under deck bill of lading.
  • Liability to cargo because the vessel has to undergo dry docking or repairs with cargo on board.
  • Liability to cargo because the cargo has to be offloaded and reloaded onto the Insured vessel for other cargo to be worked.
  • Liability to cargo carried beyond the named port of delivery.
  • Liability to cargo by reason of a geographical deviation.
  • Liability to cargo offloaded prior to delivery and carried by another vessel.


For further details on the cover and to establish whether you have risk please contact Gavin Ritchie or Kim Toher