Our Friend Alex South

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of our friend Alex South.

Alex worked in the Lloyds market, initially with QBE and latterly with the Munich Re Syndicate, we had an association with him throughout his career. Alex came from P&I stock, his father Julian had a long career at the UK Club and is currently still advising clients as a broker; Alex was destined to work in Insurance from a young age.

When he started work Alex worked within the marine liability and energy market in London and worked with clients and brokers throughout the world, including working on the day to day relationship with us at the Charterers P&I Club. He was a bright young man, always with a ready opinion and would have risen to the top of any organisation he worked in by sheer force of personality.

Alex was a family man whose early death from cancer leaves two young sons, his wife Ros and his parents to mourn his death.

On a final note, Alex was a keen golfer. In September 2018 a Munich Re team consisting of Alex South on the left, Scott Harris and Chris McKellow soundly beat a MECO team over two days; his illness was diagnosed shortly after this photo was taken.

We have better photos but Alex had a wicked sense of humour and would have loved the fact that one of his senior colleagues has his eyes shut in the photo that we are using.

Alex, you will be missed by your friends at MECO.