Our Team


One Global Team across three International Hubs

Chris Else

Lee Wilson

Gavin Ritchie

Edward Turner

Justin Skinner

Charlie Barnes

Franky George

Lee Oliver

Julie Page

Joe Salem

Carlos Vazquez

Ashley Xu

Sian Morris

Mark Esdale

Hasan Kinli

Lachlan Morison

Deepa Nathvani

Anton Edwards

Capt. Kavinit Uberoi

Andrew Birch

George Dickson

Mark Thompson-Royds

Sarah Johnson

Karishma Malam

Sarah Oliffe

Reece Walker

Harrison Ruby

Stephen Mann

Jonny Clapham

Marta de Leon

Tomas Ling

Chris Ward

Maria Luisa Rivera

Maria Luisa Rivera

Mark Kmelisch

Baiqiu Guan

Danni Gao

Mengzhen Yu

Wei Wang

Mithun Maru

Bhavin Kanjariya

Claire Partridge

Jean Manning

Natalie Calved

Priya Patel

Jared Glasson

Lauraine Goddard

It's not easy to travel at the moment but it's business as usual at MECO


We can host anything from one-on-one meetings to webinars across continents. If you would like a videocon with a colleague, a catch up with a particular team or specific training, contact us and we will see what we can arrange.