Welcome to our rebrand – The MECO Group

Michael Else and Company Limited, which traces its origins back to 1974, is pleased to announce a rebranding as The MECO Group.

We have created a new corporate identity for the Group and its branded insurance and consultancy products. Our new logo reflects the maritime heritage of the Group, which has always used navigational imagery in its logos. The new logo represents the cardinal points of a compass forming a circle. The points of the compass reflect the diverse brands and the way in which we use our expertise and experience to give direction and advice. The inner circle reflects the global nature of our business and our heritage as a trusted, dedicated and professional partner. The new logo will be common to all of our brands with the unique identity of each brand reflected by different colours.

As part of this process we are launching two new brands:

TRUE NORTH, which provides Maritime Consultancy and Risk management services in trade and transport

CPIC Commodities and Logistics, which specialises in providing liability and property insurance to commodity traders, buyers and sellers of cargo, shippers and receivers, maritime transport operators and companies involved in maritime transportation including ports and terminals. Our existing brand, PIMS Multimodal will be rebranded as part of CPIC Commodities and Logistics. Ancillary covers that we currently offer, for example SOL, Freight at Risk and Bunkers Insurance will also now be provided as part of the CPIC Commodities and Logistics brand.

Our team and operating structure remain unchanged. Michael Else and Company, which is wholly owned by the MECO Group, will continue as the FCA-regulated entity upon which our MGA platform is based. We are in the process of obtaining FCA approval for the MECO group to become a fully-regulated entity at which stage it will take over all the trading and regulated activities of its subsidiary.

For further information please contact Chris Else, CEO. celse@themecogroup.co.uk